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The University of Delaware’s Mathematics & Science Education Resource Center (MSERC), in collaboration with the Delaware Math Coalition and the Delaware Department of Education, designs and implements large scale programs of professional development for Delaware’s math and science teachers. Our professional development programs have engaged elementary, middle school, and high school teachers in rethinking content, curriculum, and best practices. Currently, we are working closely on an ongoing basis with more than 500 STEM teachers and administrators throughout the state.

Through MSERC, teachers learn to implement new problem-based curricula with attention to:

  • Strengthening the connections of K-12 teaching and learning to the new Common Core State Standards in Mathematics and the Next Generation Science Standards, including creating STEMoments, to form bridges between math and science instruction.
  • Developing a more problem-centered pedagogy
  • Meeting the needs of diverse learners.
  • Using formative assessments to uncover all that students know and are able to do.


Programs include:


For more information about how MSERC can assist you or your school, please contact us at (302) 831-4447 or



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