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Meeting the Common Core State Standards using Investigations

In close collaboration with the Delaware Mathematics Coalition (a statewide consortium of the state’s school district curriculum directors), mathematics curriculum specialists from MSERC and Investigations districts across the state are meeting regularly to study the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and to examine and revise our use of these problem-based curriculum materials to attain optimal alignment with these standards. We agreed to use the approach recommended by the authors of CCSS who caution teachers to approach the standards as a unified whole, with careful attention first to the mathematical practices and then to the content domains and the narrative explanations.

Based on a careful review of the CCSS Learning Progressions documents, the elementary alignment committee developed a set of rationale unit summaries that illustrate exactly how the standards of mathematical practice are addressed in each unit of Investigations. As a result of this work, in September 2012, the Investigations alignment team provided the first of four professional development opportunities for elementary teachers. The teacher specialists and presenters showcased new lessons the curriculum authors provided and shared strategies for becoming more effective in using current lessons to address the standards. Approximately 175 teachers attended the first of these evening workshops held in the Colonial and Cape Henlopen School Districts. If you would like to attend future elementary Investigations alignment workshops, please call 302-831-4447 or email our office.

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