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Elementary Mathematics Teacher Leadership

Math teachers are facing new challenges as they begin to incorporate the new Common Core State Standards into their curriculum. What are you expected to teach? How will you be evaluated? And will it help your students to better understand the progressive concepts in math?

We can help answer your questions. Our program, Elementary Mathematics Teacher Leaders, comprised of 80 teachers from a dozen school districts, meet to deepen your content knowledge of K-5 mathematics. Together, we “unpack” the new Common Core State Standards.

We offer:

  •      examples of exemplary mathematical tasks
  •      watch classroom video of students making sense of rigorous mathematics
  •      study the dynamics of effective school-based teacher leadership

The Exemplary Mathematics Teacher Leaders group will conduct five daytime meetings during the 2012-2013 school year.  Please contact us at (302) 831-4447 for more information.

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