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The New Normal in High School Mathematics

The “New Normal” in High School Mathematics is a statewide project supporting the implementation of problem-based high school math curricula. We provide professional development for more than 275 teachers from all of Delaware’s public school districts and several charter schools as well as nearly 50 building-level administrators. This project helps teachers achieve the eight “mathematical practices” described in the new Common Core State Standards and focuses on equity of opportunity for all Delaware students.

The “mathematical practices” include “make sense of problems and persevere in solving them”, “construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others”, “model with mathematics” and “look for and make use of structure.”

Summer institutes are augmented by five statewide professional development days throughout the year.  This project is a joint effort of the Mathematics and Science Education Resource Center and the Delaware Mathematics Coalition and has received generous support from a state awarded US Department of Education Mathematics & Science Partnership grant.

Please contact us at 831-4447 for more information.


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